Thursday, August 9, 2007

Middletown City Schools - Ohio Department of Education Data

Roosevelt Elementary - Middletown OhioIn the face of tough and difficult times, such as the Middletown City School District now finds itself in, complaining and finding fault is the easiest thing to do.

The editors at appreciate Dr. Price and his efforts to stay positive and educate the community on the state of our School District. We sincerely believe Dr. Price when he points out that there is plenty to be proud of when it comes to the Middletown City Schools.

Although turnout was low Dr. Price should be commended for making the effort to meet with the community in several open sessions over the last few months.

During one such session, that we documented on our Middletown Community Website, many of us heard Dr. Price say that we need to take time to see the numbers and the data in regards to the Performance of the Middletown City Schools. His intent is of course to encourage the community to be informed on the issues and the schools performance. With that goal we are in total agreement.

Many of us have also heard the Superintendent say, in that same Video of Dr. Price as mentioned above: “if anyone tells me personally that we have not made progress, and that scores have not improved, they have not taken the time to see the numbers and the facts”. Though that may be true we understand that in the face of constant negative publicity about the schools and the community there would also be a high level of skepticism accompanying that statement. But even that skepticism is understandable as most of the community would have no idea where these “numbers and facts” on school performance came from or what they in their entirety show.

Traditionally the community would gather its opinion of the Schools Performance by articles printed in the local paper or perhaps a 30 second sound byte from the nightly news. But newspaper reporters, just like TV reporters, for the most part report on someone’s selected view of the data. They rarely if ever at all report all the raw data itself. Both of these mediums also tend to focus on the negative aspects of any story as that is what sell papers and brings up the ratings. That is the nature of this style of reporting and in our opinion taht is why news reported in this manner tends to have a bias.

In support of Dr. Price to and his efforts to educate the community, and along with our own goal to eliminate bias, we encourage Middletown to bypass the “middleman” when it comes to the schools performance. To not take the word of either elected official or paid reporter. But rather to look at all the data on school performance as intelligent individuals who can and will make up their own mind as to the state of our district.

Ohio School Rating Data * (In an Excel Format - Chose Save & Download Locally Before Opening)

School Years 2002-2003

School Years 2003-2004

School Years 2004-2005

School Years 2005-2006

For the complete list of School data available from the State visit the
Ohio School Data Download page.

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