Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Middletown Ohio Video Links

Did you know that is home to the internets largest collection of video on Middletown Ohio? now has a years worth of Video from Middletown Ohio City Council Meetings, Middletown Ohio School Board Meetings, Middletown Ohio Community Events and more.

The above Video on Middletown High School Student Recognition is just a sample of the Middletown news videos you will find posted every day on our Middletown Ohio Community Website.

If you want to stay up on events in Middletown Ohio then you may want to bookmark this Middletown Video Archive page.

Don’t forget if you have an interesting video involving Middletown Ohio drop us an e-mail at and we would be glad to put your video on our website.

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alexjsolis said...

I really enjoy these videos, they help me keep track of what is happening now-a-days in Middletown and let me form my own opinions on the matter.