Thursday, June 5, 2008

Restoring the Middletown Cemetery

Stone Vault
Middletown Cemetery was originally located near the Great Miami River, but after years of flooding the cemetery was endangered and a new cemetery was built on higher ground. Over the years, 7 new acres have been added to the cemetery and the cemetery has become the responsibility of the City of Middletown after the it ran into financial difficulties.

Now a new problem has emerged. The stone vault is endangered of being lost if it is not repaired before this winter. The cost to repair the vault is $70,000 which will pay for repairing the buildings stonework, a new roof, new steel doors, building’s interior and patio. When the project is done the Stone Vault will be made into an informational and educational center for the cemetery. Visit our Middletown community website for more details on how you can help the Middletown Community Cemetery.

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