Thursday, December 18, 2008

Light Up Middletown Light Display

Light Up Middletown is dependent on the donations they get at the entrance gate to keep the drive-through light display up and running. They do not charge a specific amount just whatever the public has to offer. The display has been open for two weeks and since then there have been 5,710 vehicles carrying 19,219 people who have been through the park that is 100 acres of Christmas lights.

On Thursday, December 11th the hot air balloon glow, integrated within the other light displays had a total of 531 vehicles and 1,792 people. The pilots inflate their balloons by firing their propane burners which causes them to glow. The pilots are not paid to do this they are just donating their time to the community.

On Friday and Saturday nights Santa and Mrs. Claus will allow small guests at the Santa House in Light Up Middletown from 7-9 p.m. Light Up Middletown will be open every night through New Year's Eve at Smith Park.

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Benita said...

Just wanted to let you know what an awesome display of lights this year. I come home every year for Christmas from Tulsa, OK and look forward to driving through the light display! Way to go - MIDDLETOWN