Monday, January 26, 2009

Former Graduate Hits $1,000 Shot at Alma Mater

For the past 3 or 4 years, Middletown Christian High School has ended each half time of their varsity boy's basketball home games with a small competition: a shoot out. Each home game at half time 4 people are randomly chosen from a list they willingly sign up for to perform in a shoot out. The premise is simple: each person has 30 seconds to make a layup, a free throw, a three pointer, and a half court shot. Their prize? The person who completes all shos in 30 seconds wins a cash prize. Now the pot, which grows by $25 each game nobody wins, started out as $100. For 3 years people tried and for 3 years nobody one, until last Saturday night.

Peter Highly, a former graduate and basketball player for Middletown Christian, stepped up to take his turn. He was the last to go of the night and he was determined to win. Peter made the layup and free throw easy but missed his frist three pointer. Things looked slim for Peter but he quickly made his second attempt at the three point shot and moved on to the final half court, money winning shot. He had around 12 to 15 seconds, enough time for two shots if he hurried but his strategy was to take his time and do it right the first time, and thats exactly what happend. With 3 seconds left Highly let the ball fly and........swish! Right in the net! The crowd, which packed the entire gymnasium, erupted into thunderous applause. "I've been waiting for that sound all year." said Middletown Christian Coach Eric Gwinn, who heard the enormous reception by the fans from the locker room. Peter Highly had just won a grand total of $1,075 dollars!

Since its conception 3 years ago people have watched Peter try his luck multiple times. Always a crowd favorite, Peter attempted this challenge one time last year, two times the year before that, and a few times the first year. Always Peter would make it to the half court shot but was stoppeed there each time.

Speaking to Peter after the game I asked him what he was going to do now, jokingly he said, "I'm going to Disneyworld!" I asked him how he felt, "I'm just excited. I've tried this a couple of times and $1,000 is a lot of money, I mean, who couldn't use an extra $1,000 bucks in their pocket?" He also joked about all the friends and family asking for dinner dates.

Peter will recieve his check at Middletown Christian's next home game.

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