Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not dead yet

By: Randy Lewis

They say that Middletown is a dying city and it has nothing left to offer, but there are two people in Middletown that don’t see things that way. A local minister Kevin L. Aldridge and his friend Ron Mosby do not believe that statement, nor do they want you to believe it. Aldridge and Mosby are doing their part to try and bring this city back to life.

A pastor at the Kingdom Vision Ministries, Aldridge is a native son of Middletown and his friend Ron Mosby, a former spokesman for the Ohio Department of Transportation and business consultant are reaching out to help the community. They are holding a local seminar to encourage and give the tools to bring small business back to Middletown.

The seminar will focus on networking, obtaining referrals along with selling yourself.
The Forbes article that placed Middletown in the top 10 dying cities really struck a cord with people in Middletown and the hope is if people are given the knowledge to start and run a small business they will do so in their on town. “I feel this is away for small businesses to rally behind Middletown in a positive way and jump-start business owners to do business in times like these,” *Aldridge said. He goes on to say,” You can be successful without a college degree and provide for a family as well in an economy like this. People have to understand that it’s more than a education.”*

The city of Middletown has seen some hard times as of late and its programs and people like Aldridge and Mosby that will aid in getting the city back on the right track.
The seminar will be held on Jan. 24, from 3 to 6 P.M. at the Chamber of Commerce on Central Ave. The cost is$50 and will include materials and refreshments.

* source Middletown Journal.

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