Monday, February 2, 2009

Middletown Councilman Seeks EMA Position

Butler County EMACouncilman from Middletown, Ohio, Bill Becker has expressed interest in becoming the new director of the EMA, or the Butler County Emergency Management Agency. Becker announced on Tuesday, January 27th, that he talked to the Butler County Commission about him becoming the new EMA director.

In 2007 Becker was elected as an at-large member of council for Middletown and has also served as the Middletown City Manager and Middletown's Police Chief. Becker stated, " I think I have the experience and I know most of the Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, and managers in the county to work through the issues. I think it would be challenging and rewarding, and it would get me back into public safety. I would be glad to get involved."

The Butler County EMA is n organization dedicated to the preparedness of Butler County in case of an emergency like flood or tornado for example. Current EMA director Bill Turner submitted his resignation effective March 2nd in the beginning of this month. The reasons for him doing this is due to the fact that the county's Police Chiefs expressed a lack of confidence in Turner when the hurricane windstorms tore through the county last September.

Don Dixon, president of the Butler County Commission, said he was aware of Becker's interest in the job. He also added that he did not know of any other people interested in the job. According to Dixon, it would be up to the EMA board to determine the time line, criteria, and protocols to appoint a new director. In early February, EMA should be done with their reorganizing process. Whether or not Becker, if he receives the title of Director of EMA, will have to resign his seat as Councilman is still undetermined. We wish Becker the best of luck in his pursuit of the job.

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