Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vortex Struck Down By Diamondback?

DiamondbackThe newest thrill seeker sensation at Cedar Park's King's Island is on it's way to becoming the most popular debut for a ride at the park in over 20 years. Diamondback is the biggest investment in the park's history, coming in at $22 million. This 230ft high, 5,282ft long hypercoaster tops out at speeds of up to 80mph with 10 drops and a splashdown area at the end of the ride.Diamondback is one of only five rollercoasters in the world to feature a splashdown area.

As of Tuesday, July 7, the ride had attracted over 800,000 riders. The current record holder for the biggest debut is Vortex, which opened in 1987. When it opened, Vortex had an hourly rider count of 1,500 people and topped out at an incredible 2,183,642 riders in its first year. However, Diamondback is hot on it's trail, amassing and hourly rider rate of 1,600 people. Diamondback has accumulated 15,000 more riders than Vortex did at this point when it opened some 22 years ago.

Diamondback is the second attraction to be added to the park in two years following the transfer of the ride Firehawk. Firehawk was originally located in Six Flags worlds of Adventure under the name X-Flight. It was moved in 2007 to King's Island and given a new name and a new paint job. Firehawk has also seen big success at King's Island but nothing comparable to what is happening with Diamondback. At the rate it is going now, Diamondback could very likely be the biggest debuted ride in King's Island history. The ride has been getting very high praise from riders saying it is doing for riders now what The Beast and Vortex did for riders of their times.

Visit the official website for Photos of the Diamondback Roller Coaster

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