Monday, October 5, 2009

Middletown Teachers Know Their History

Middletown Teachers Know Their History

Just because school was out for the summer, doesn't mean the learning stopped. But this summer, the teachers were the ones being taught. In July, several Middletown teachers visited New York City to learn about and experience several notable locations such as the Statue of Liberty, the Tenement Museum, and Ellis Island. Much of the trip was focused on the historical aspect of immigration to this country and learning what many of our relatives went through to get to the United States.

The teachers were able to take part in this trip through Teach American History (TAH), a program set up by the federal government to help improve teachers' knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for American history, in order to help student achievement. The program provides grants to various school systems in hopes that they will improve quality and promote the teaching of United States history as a separate academic subject. The grant also provides school districts with the money to purchase books, DVDs, online subscriptions to educational website and student materials.

Future trips, paid for by the grant, are planned to Boston, Massachusetts and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where teachers will learn about the Civil War and America's early settlers. In addition to the federal program, Middletown Schools have partnered with the Ohio Historical Society's Ohio Social Studies Resource Center to provide classroom materials and resources focused on Ohio's state history.

This year, several Middletown teachers are involved with TAH. They are: David Hiteshew, Christina Pierett, Rachel Robinson, Megan Mihal, Barb Florence, Anna Bowman, Tiffany Aponte, Troy Rees, Michele Cochran, Lisa Slone, Cindy Centers, Jenny Clark, Joe Howard, Tara Kueker, and Michelle Puckett, Chad Bowers, Angie Bogenschutz, Matt Butler, Scott Colliflower, Greta Popp, Tara Kueker, Joe Howard, Ray Banks, Chris Brandt, Ray Banks, Anna Bowman, Michelle Puckett, Jenny Clark, Barb Florence, Richard Packert, Christina Pierett, Mary Lou Mooney, David Hiteshew, Joyce Leifheit, Cindy Centers, Jennifer Moon, Josh Shaffer, Rachel Robinson, Michelle Cochran, Cathy Hodson, Terry Shores, Tammy Roberts

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