Friday, December 4, 2009

Middletown Among Fastest Recovering Cities

According to Forbes magazine, Middletown is one of the top cities that is recovering quickly from recent economic woes. Ranked at number 55, Middletown was just one of three Ohio cities on the list. The others were Dayton and Columbus. Ironically, Forbes named Middletown one of the fastest dying cities earlier in the year.

Omaha, Nebraska topped the list that included several Texas metro cities, a few other Northeastern manufacturing bases, and a few Southern cities. According to Forbes, "diversified industry and relatively stable housing fundamentals" are what is helping these cities with recovery. Cities where home prices don't fluctuate at extremes and where multiple industries thrived seemed to fair the best.

The list was made by ranking the 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas in five categories that included home prices, sales rates, foreclosures, size of a city's economy and unemployment rate.


John Beagle said...

This is the first bit of good news in a long time. Perhaps this is our first ray of sunshine.

Andy Wendt said...

Finally some good news for Middletown!