Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ohio Energy & Climate Conference

Ohio Energy & Climate Conference

The Ohio Liberty Council, together with the Dayton Tea Party, are inviting the public to the Ohio Energy and Climate Conference on Saturday, February 6, in Middletown. They say the public can learn the "truth about climate change."

The event will take place in the Dave Finkelman Auditorium at Miami University's Middletown Campus, from 1:00 PM to 5:00PM. Guests from the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and the Institute for Energy Research will be on hand for discussion on a number of topics including, current and future policy, the science of climate change and energy sources, and practical applications of energy sources with a focus on nuclear energy.

These guests include Ben Lieberman, Senior Policy Analyst for the Heritage Foundation, Patrick Michaels, Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies at the Cato Institute, Mary Hutzler, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Energy Research, and William Tucker, author of Terrestrial Energy.

The event is sponsored by the Ohio Liberty Council’s Cincinnati Tea Party, Cincinnati 9/12 Project, and Dayton Tea Party. Only 750 tickets will be sold. They are $12 and can be purchased at American Junto. Because American Junto is a 501(c)(3) organization, tickets are tax deductible.

For more about the sponsors, you can visit their websites:
Ohio Liberty Council
The Cincinnati Tea Party
The Cincinnati 9/12 Project
The Dayton Tea Party

Remember to call 513-422-1907 for Security Camera Systems in Middletown, Cincinnati, or the Dayton, Ohio areas.

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