Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beagle & Puppies Found in the Snow

Beagle & Puppies Found in the Snow

Last Wednesday, Chris Demoret was walking across his farm when something caught his eye. It was a beagle, outside his barn, along with her newborn litter of seven puppies. The emaciated beagle was trying to keep the puppies warm in the snow, but Demoret knew they would not survive in the cold temperatures, so he called the Animal Friends Humane Society.

The shelter's director, Meg Stephenson, told the Middletown Journal the dog had made a nest of straw on top of the snow. "She was keeping the tops of the puppies warm, but the bottom half of their bodies were in the snow and straw. We had gotten 13 inches of snow that week," she said.

The shelter took the dog and the puppies in and while there, she gave birth to an eighth one. Unfortunately, three of the puppies died, but the other five are being cared for - along with their mother, who has been named Valentine - at a foster care home.

The dog had been dumped in the snowstorm just a day before she was found. A man has come forward to admit he was the owner of the dog and he had indeed dumped her at the farm. Stephenson said the dog weighed only 23 pounds, which is extremely underweight for a dog of her size, especially one who has just given birth and is nursing puppies.

The puppies will be up for adoption in April.

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John Beagle said...

That is no way to treat a Beagle.