Monday, February 22, 2010

Poasttown First Church of God Moves Forward After Roof Collapse

Poasttown First Church of God Moves Forward After Roof Collapse

Around 2:00 PM on Friday, February 19th, the roof of the Poasttown First Church of God's gym collapsed, but thankfully no one was hurt. And because of this, the church plans to move forward as soon as possible. Pastor Kenny Brewer tells the Kentucky Post, "We're going to rise above this and come out stronger than we've ever been. A lot of people walked up and saw the building and it was discouraging to them and I'm just going to try to give them a lot of encouragement."

The collapse was caused by the weight of snow that accumulated. The gym had been named for the late pastor Randy Wallace, who died in August from leukemia. On Monday, February 22nd, engineers and insurance representatives will gather at the church to determine what will be the best option for the church. Church board president George Hollon said it's up to the insurance company as to whether or not the gym will be torn down.

Fire Chief Kent Hall says the building is probably a total loss, but he's just glad no one was inside. “We vote here, have breakfast and dinner. Kids are always inside, in the gym on the stage. I know this is a church, but I have to say God was watching over this because it’s a miracle no one got hurt," he told the Middletown Journal.

On Sunday after the collapse, services went on as schedule in the church's new sanctuary. Ironically, during construction, the roof on the sanctuary collapsed as well.

"We will trust the Lord to go with us and we will built it back," said Brewer.

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