Monday, March 15, 2010

2010 Census Form - 10 Questions in 10 Minutes

2010 Middletown CensusAfter months of preparation the United States government is finally ready to put the census in the hands of local residents and will mail over 120 million census forms across the United States within a month. Even though the 2010 census will contain only 10 questions and take approximately 10 minutes to fully answer, the residents of Middletown will be affected by the outcome for the next 10 years to come.

During the last census 10 years ago, nearly a quarter of Butler County residents failed to complete and return this form. In Hamilton and Middletown the census response rate was 70 percent and 67 percent respectively. Of course this is absolutely normal as there are challenges reaching every single person in Butler County and there are those who mistrust the federal government. Donna Marsh, regional Census Bureau spokeswoman, expects the rate to be higher this year. “That is a challenge,” she said. “So we spent more time trying to educate them on why the census is important.”

Apart from determining how many Ohio representatives will be in congress, an accurate count is important due to the $400 billion in federal funds that will be awarded based on the census data. In addition, completing and mailing back the form in a timely manner will save taxpayer money and local residents a hassle. "Enumerators” will begin going door to door in late April visiting the homes of those who haven't yet returned the form.

For people who would like help filling out the form, the Census Bureau will open 31 questionnaire assistance centers in Butler County by Friday, March 19. There will be 12 in Middletown, 13 in Hamilton and 4 in Oxford. These will be conveniently located in places such as senior centers, libraries, government offices and churches.

Residents needing Braille or large-print questionnaires, or needing a foreign language assistance guide, may call toll-free (866) 872-6868. Residents are also encouraged to call that number if they fail to receive a form by April 12.

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