Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rumford Productions Covers Mayor Race

Rumford Productions has been working together with for nearly half a year now to bring professionally captured and produced video about Middletown, Ohio to the web. Using locally captured footage with music from local artists, Don Rumford has provided us with a level of quality and professionalism that sets the standard by which we judge our video.

Rumford Productions is a downtown Middletown-based business owned and operated by Don and Deborah Rumford. In their work they strive to promote the positive things about Middletown and showcase the work of their fellow Middletown artists and professionals.

The recent efforts of Don and Deborah have brought us hours of video covering Middfest International 2007 featuring The Netherlands, with footage from the stage and craft exhibits, as well as interviews from event patrons. Video is currently featured on MiddletownUSA from the event and and you can expect much more in the coming weeks.

Even more recently they have been covering the race for Middletown's first directly-elected mayor. Don Rumford has secured interviews from all participating candidates in the race, and will be forwarding them to us for distribution on Already available for viewing are interviews from retired Police Chief and City Manager Bill Becker, as well as Councilman Lawrence Mulligan. is your source for intelligent candidate debate and research. Check back daily for updates on the Mayor race, city council elections and school board elections.

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