Friday, February 8, 2008

The Middletown Review

Middletown Reviews

Interested in what other Middletown residents think about our local Middletown Services, Shopping, Food and Entertainment establishments? If so then The Middletown Review is worth a look.

On the one hand The Middletown Review is exactly what it sounds like, a website to review local Middletown Ohio establishments. On the other hand The Middletown Review is unlike any review site you have seen before as it’s complied rating for each entry is tallied by the voters who express their opinions using the expression that they “Will keep on buying” , or that “It’s not worth trying”.

The site’s philosophy is that by recording the votes/opinions of the users in this manner that the site more accurately reflects how people communicate in real life. That being when you try a new restaurant, store, or service you either tell your friends that it was worth the money and they should give it a try or that you would not do it again and you would not recommend they try it either.

Of course in addition to casting their vote as mentioned above, users can leave their personal comments and write their own review of the topic being voted on. Votes can be cast with our without comments, and can even be made anonymously. Once a user has written several reviews they are given the privilege of being able to upload a photo for the review.

Online for less than 6 months now The Middletown Review has registered well over one thousand votes for close to 200 Middletown area establishments.

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