Monday, March 17, 2008

Middletown Corporate Comptuer Service

Middletown Corporate Computer Sales and Service Locally based CFR Inc, that has been doing business as Computer Service Now since 1985, has recently announced it will be making Middletown Area Computer Service a focus of their business plan in 2008.

As the firm has long focused on the National Computer Service arena Bill Schiering, the Vice-President of Sales, explained that going back as far as 2002 the company has refused to accept any new local customers. Schiering said the freeze on the local computer service business was necessary to protect the level of service their existing medical , government, and other corporate customers were receiving, while allowing the staff time to grow their more national based business mode promoted through their website.

Additionally Computer Service Now has once again joined the local Middletown Chamber of Commerce and a Schiering reports a new marketing plan is being put together to give more of a local Middletown area feel to their IT service and sales such as: Corporate Computer Service with a specialty in Medical / Healthcare Providers, Microsoft Volume Licensing, and Dell computer and networking solutions.

Computer Service Now is located at 6730 Roosevelt Ave across from the Towne Mall on Middletown's East End with a local phone of 513-422-1907.

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