Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gas Prices Rise for Summer and Middletown is Feeling the Heat

Middletown Gas Demand
With the summer season on our doorsteps, Middletown residents are already seeing the high gas prices that come with this part of the year. Today Middletown Gas Prices have risen to an average of $3.95 for one gallon of regular Unleaded Fuel across Butler County and residents are beginning to feel the impact as they begin to make travel plans for weekends and holidays.

Taken from the Middletown Journal, a local Hamilton Resident expresses his concern over the rising gas prices which have likely affected his plans for this Memorial Day weekend, and most likely, the entire summer. "As a retiree, coping with $4-a-gallon gas makes even visiting relatives in northern Kentucky a financial burden. I wanted to take a vacation and you just can't do it."

Even local schools and businesses are starting to buckle from the increased gas prices and a few have proposed looking into a four day week to try to help off set their expenses. For schools even one day off could help tremendously as hundreds of buses would not be needed that day to make rounds, and residents who must drive half an hour just to get to work would appreciate the hiatus.

There is some good news about gas prices. An Official from the American Automobile Association believes that gas will begin to drop after this Memorial Day Weekend. "During the first or second week of June we should start to see prices go down. There's an ample gas supply and consumer demand is not remarkable. Those two things alone should drive down prices." This summer gas prices are not expected to hit the dreaded $5 mark.

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