Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Middletown Atrium Medical Center Performs First Open-Heart Surgery

Middletown Atrium Medical CenterEarlier in the month of June, the first ever open-heart surgery was performed at the Atrium Medical Center to a 69-year-old patient. Cardiac Specialist, John M. Miller, MD, medical director for the open-heart surgery program performed the procedure. John M. Miller performed a three bypass graft procedure to treat the patients coronary artery disease. This successful procedure has given this patient hope of improved health and quality of life, something all doctors hope for in any patient they treat.

In the United States more than 80 million people experience one or more forms of cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death American and claiming more lives than cancer. Experts and doctors agree that the key to surviving any type of cardiovascular illness is to receive a timely intervention, something that the Atrium Medical Center is now capable of handling effectively.

Douglas W. McNeill, Atrium president and CEO had this to say about the procedure. "This landmark procedure marks a new era for local families. With the expertise of our comprehensive Heart Center now here, heart patients can remain close to home, surrounded and supported by those they love while they receive the highest level cardiac care.”

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