Friday, August 8, 2008

Middletown Firefighter Injured on Duty

Firefighter Karl Gaston of the Middletown Fire Department suffered injuries after a fall while fighting the LoneStar Restaurant Fire early Friday Morning. He is currently receiving medical attention at the Atrium Medical Center.

In my opinion, the Men and Women of our City’s Fire Department are the best anywhere. Of course my opinion is biased, my father retired from the Middletown Fire Department. They did I great job getting and keeping the fire under control. I work for and CSN1 Technologies, we are in the white 4 story building next door to LoneStar and our building received no damage from the fire.

Karl Gaston is a driven man, he is a hardcore volunteer. He loves to help people. He spends 20 to 30 hours a week inspiring our City’s youth, he has been a Co-Chair for Midfest, started several youth organizations and received many honors for his support of our youth. It’s not just for show, he really cares, he was quoted by Janet Wetzel of the Enquirer as saying “My mother taught me as a child that no matter how little you think you have to give, you have enough to help others,” Mr. Gaston said. “If you help others, God will bring it back to you tenfold. I choose to do these things instead of going out to a movie or some such thing. I love working with youths. They're our future.”

I and everyone at, and would like to thank Karl for his dedicated service to our community and wish him a speedy recovery.

Bill Schiering


Annette said...

Wishing Karl a speedy recovery..
He is a humble, generous man. May God be with him always.

Your friend in FL, Annette

ps: miss you very much, wish I could be there with you

John Beagle said...

Sorry to hear about one of our brave men getting hurt in the Lone Star fire. Get well soon Karl.