Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Middie Coach Jason Krause says: We are going to surprise some folks!

Jason KrauseMiddletown’s new football coach Jason Krause sounds ready for the season. Jason Krause was signed up as Middletown"s new football coach back in April. Coach Krause left the Monroe Hornet Head Football Coach position to take up the new job.

Krause brings with him a record of 33 wins and 7 losses with him from Monroe’s Division 3 Hornets.

Coach Krause was asked if he was optimistic about the team. He said, "The team looks great, we are going to surprise some folks."

Krause went on to say that the "Strengths are team speed and aggressiveness on Defense." Also that "patience is improving on offense."

Defensively, Krause said the team will "run a 3-3 stack on Defense."

The new football season looks like it will be a great one with the help of Middletown’s new coach, Jason Krause.

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