Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Middletown Democratic Headquarters Opens

Democratic-Headquarters-Middletown-Ohio-2008-4.JPGOn Monday July 21st nearly 200 people showed up for the opening of the regional campaign office of presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in Middletown, Ohio. The office is located in the Sorg Room of the Commercial Building (the Sorg Opera House) at 55 S. Main Street. In a poll from Public Policy Polling of Raleigh, N.C. shows that Obama is leading McCain 48-42 percent among all likely voters.

Many Middletown residents believe Barack Obama is the right man for the job. Jean Bussel from Preble County said that Obama is “the right man at the right time.” The general feeling locally is that people are tired of being "stuck in disappointment". They look at Obama and are encouraged in his belief that the United States can achieve more.

Ohio pooling results are closely tracked with Quinnipiac University which was released on July 15th. Polls show Obama in line to be the first major party black presidential nominee with a genuine potential to be elected president and in Ohio Obama leads 50-41 percent overall but 94-1 percent among blacks. Among whites in Ohio, McCain led 49-42 percent.

Veterans groups are also spit over their choice for the candidates. On July 21st veterans groups held two separate press conferences in Dayton and Columbus to make their case for the candidates.

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