Monday, September 22, 2008

Markle’s Musical Miracle

Nina Markle is the Executive Director of Middletown Performing Arts Academy and a retired music teacher from Middletown, Ohio. Her love for kids and music has inspired her to reach out to low income children. She requested a $3000.00 grant to purchase a Yamaha LC2 Plus piano lab in which a group of 8 can study piano at the same time with an instructor.

Nina’s dream of opening a Performing Arts Academy came true this month as the Academy just opened its doors in a space provided by a local church. The Academy hopes to host 100 students a week from all different age ranges and they will be grouped by age and skill.

Nina feels that she was blessed with a talent that is meant to be shared and she expressed how music helps with the development of the mind and within itself can help children be better equipped for the future.

Nina we wish you the best with your remarkable Academy.

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