Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Howard Ain Warns of Sub-Contractor Scams

In the wake of the biggest blackout that the area has seen a lot of clean up has started. Cutting up trees and cleaning up other debris has been a diversion from the stress of being without power. Now that the Duke Energy crews have more than doubled electric is being restored all over. Getting every body up and running could still take a few days.

Clean up could be difficult for some but people in communities are reaching out to help one another. Howard Ain warns of “sub-contractor” scams. These are people claiming to be independent clean up crews and offer to help those who need help with the debris. He says to watch out for those asking for money up front, they could take your deposit and you won’t hear from them again. He urges to go with local businesses or if you choose to use a contractor, check them out with the BBB and ask for a written estimate up front. In the words of Howard Ain, ”Don’t waste your money.”

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matt Ramsey said...

Owner of Foundation Builders, Mike Hancock. This company is out of Clermont County and he is known to not pay his employees or subcontractors. He has been taken to civil court more than 60 times by employees and suppliers. His past company names are Superior Foundations and Horizon Builders. He is in trouble with the IRS and BBB. He is still in business today by just changing the name of his company. Employees and Customers are still being taken advantage of. Please be aware of him.