Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Middletown Ohio Forum - YouTube Video

YouTube Video on Middletown Blog ForumHopefully most of our visitors to this blog and our website know that the website is also home to a lively discussion thread simply called the MUSA Blog Forums.

Topics in the Middletown Forum range from local to national in nature, with members of the local community stating their opinions on both humorous and serious matters.

Recent popular national topics have been centered on the upcoming presidential elections while locally popular topics include Section 8 Housing and the city budget.

To make these discussions even more interesting the forum now supports embedded YouTube Videos. All forum members have the ability to post their own YouTube videos directly into their posts by following these simple steps.

Keep in mind to ensure compatibility it is Recommended that the code should first be placed into Notepad before being copied to the message area of the Forum. Notepad will remove all extraneous codes and ensure that what you paste into the Forum is only what you see on your screen. Which is something that cannot be guaranteed when using a traditional word processor.

To start with let’s make sure you know where to find Notepad. Notepad is simple text editor that comes standard with every version of Windows. It’s found under your Start Button at the following location: Start-All Programs-Accessories-Notepad.

Next you simple locate the YouTube video you would like to embed in your Forum post. Once located you will notice that directly to the right of the YouTube video is a small grey box with two lines of “code”. The first line is labeled “URL” while the second line is labeled “Embedded”. It is the First line that we will be using.

Once you locate the first line labeled “URL”, in that grey box to the right of the video on the YouTube webpage, simply use your mouse to highlight and copy that entire line to Notepad.

Once that code has been copied to Notepad simply place that address between these two BB commands: [tube] [/tube]

Now you should have a line in Notepad that looks like this:

Once complete simply paste the above line in the body of your Forum message.

The video should instantly appear.

It is recommended but not necessary to use Notepad as your text editing tool to compose the above line. Should you wish to post the link without pasting from Notepad simply make sure the link is not turned into an "active" hyperlink in your forum post. If the link is underlined by Forum software it will not work with the [tube] command.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail or call anytime.

And thanks again for your participation in the MUSA Blog Forums.

Andy Wendt
Xponex Media
513-422-1907 X226

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