Monday, December 14, 2009

ProgressBook Debuts in Middletown Schools

ProgressBook Debuts in Middletown Schools
A new software product that allows educators to record, retrieve and use student information for progress-based education is making its debut in three Middletown schools. ProgressBook will be available in Middletown High School, Vail Middle School, and Verity Middle School.

The program also allows parents and students to review grades, homework assignments, attendance, report card information, student progress, teacher comments and more, opening the door for more communication amongst students, teachers, and parents.

"Communication is the key. Better communication, between home and school, equals a better educational process," said Debbie Houser, the Middletown Schools' Curriculum Coordinator.

Funding for the program came through a federal stimulus grant. According to the Senior Director of Learning, Betsy Carter, the school system was only given enough funding for three schools but hopefully there will be enough for more in the future. "When the grant runs out in two years, the district will have to fund the program through the General Fund. Better communication with our parents is a vital part of our strategic plan, so perhaps in the future we can add the program to the entire district," she said.

Parents at the two middle schools have already been made aware of the program and were sent letters with their username and password information. Middletown High School plans to do the same the week students return from winter vacation.

A training demonstration for parents and students is scheduled for January 12 at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 PM in the Manchester Building Banquet Room at 4420 Manchester Road. No reservation is required to attend.

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