Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Census Portrait of America Tour Comes to Middletown

Census Portrait of America Tour Comes to Middletown

The 2010 Census Portrait of America tour will be in Hamilton and Butler Counties this week. It will begin on Monday, at 7:00 AM, at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati. Displays will help people become familiar with the significance of the census form that should begin arriving in mailboxes in March. The tour will also be promoting jobs, according to even coordinator, Theresa Brundage, "We want to make sure people are hired to work in their own neighborhoods." Each location will offer testing to see if people qualify for a job.

Brundage says it's about, "political power and money." The census results determine the number of congressional seats in Ohio and how federal dollars will be distributed to states and communities.

NBC's "The Today Show" plans to broadcast live from the convention center and it has been described as a two hour "pep-rally." Speeches will be made by a number of local celebrities and dignitaries, including Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and funk bassist Bootsy Collins.

Once the tour leaves the convention center, it will stop at Cincinnati State college on Monday afternoon before making three various stops in Butler County on Tuesday, January 4, 2010. The first event is at 9:00 AM at the Richard Allen III Academy in Hamilton. A fire truck will then escort the tour into Middletown around 1:50 P.M. The trailer will make a brief stop at the Area Senior Citizens Center on Central Avenue before heading to the Middletown Community Center on Lafayette Avenue. Exhibits open at 4:30 P.M. at the Community Center and 5:00 P.M, a parachutist will drop from an airplane into Douglas Park.

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