Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Ohio Council on Women and Girls

The Ohio Council on Women and Girls

Last month, Governor Ted Strickland established the Ohio Council on Women and Girls. He signed the executive order at Momentum 2010 - the Ohio Women's Summit. The purpose of the Council is to work to advance the health care, economic development, and education for women and girls.

Upon signing the order, Strickland commented, "I am pleased to announce the creation of this council, which will bring together voices from across state government to help develop a coordinated policy response to issues that affect women and girls. Over the past decades, women have carved out opportunities in politics, business and society that will impact women and girls for generations to come, but we still have work to do. This council will play a vital role in helping engage individuals, organizations, and communities across the state to further strengthen the role of women in our society."

The Council will meet each quarter and will include a number of representatives from all across the state's government. Together, they'll work on policy that has an impact on the issues females often face. They will also work on recommendations to the governor regarding legislation and policy that affects women, support public outreach, and work with local governments and non-profit organizations.

Momentum 2010 was a two-day event that brought hundreds of Ohio women and girls together to promote their own health, economics, and education Attendees were given the opportunity to network, be educated, foster collaborations, and come together to support women's policy. Speakers included the Governor and the First Lady, advisor to President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Pulitzer Prize-winner Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and diversity and inclusion expert Audra Bohannon.

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