Saturday, April 3, 2010

Robot Joins Surgical Team at Atrium Medical Center

Surgery Robot at Middletown Atrium Medical CenterThe name da Vinci may be synonymous with art, but for Middletown residents the name may soon mean so much more.

Atrium Medical Center is expanding its surgical options through the acquisition of a da Vinci Si HD robot, which utilizes a minimally invasive approach to assist surgeons in operation. The robot boasts the use of smaller incisions when compared to traditional open surgeries meaning shorter hospital stays, reduced pain and faster recovery times, according to hospital officials.

Dr. David Miller, a urologist at Atrium and one of two surgeons capable of operating the da Vinci Si gives his opinion about the robot. "(Robotic surgery) is better for the patient, better in a lot of ways. What used to land patients in the hospital for three days, they are now going home the next day. I can see better and have better control.”

Of course, the da Vinci robot was a major investment for the hospital costing nearly $2 million. The da Vinci Si HD comes equipped with state of the art technology and an intuitive interface with breakthrough surgical capabilities. There are four arms that control up to three surgical instruments and a high-definition camera which allows for up to 10x magnification and provides highly accurate depth perception. In addition, Intuitive® motion technology replicates the experience of open surgery by preserving natural hand-eye coordination and intuitive instrument controls. When coupled with the EndoWrist® instrumentation, which gives the surgeon a far greater range of motion and dexterity than a human hand, the da Vinci Si HD is an unparalleled piece of medical technology that provides enhanced precision, dexterity and control for many complex surgical procedures.

For David Miller, robotic surgery is the future of medicine.

“I don’t plan to do another open prostatectomy again,” he said. “Patients aren’t afraid of (the robot). They are demanding it, so we are preserving the amount of patients that would otherwise go somewhere else.”

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