Friday, April 4, 2008

Keep Middletown Beautiful Committee Recognized

Middletown Mayor Lawrence Mulligan Jr. and Vice Mayor Jim Armbruster present a proclamation to Denise Hall and Jeff Michelle, representatives from the Keep Middletown Beautiful Committee. A plaque is presented to them in front if City Council as Keep Middletown Beautiful is Recognized.

Keep Middletown Beautiful is a strictly volunteer group that makes an effort to clean up waste and litter around Middletown. Additionally they accept individual volunteers to plant flowers and tend to them in the planters you will see around the Middletown City Building, in some medians and some of the public parks around town. The program was started in 1998, with the name intended to mirror the national program 'Keep America Beautiful'.

Additionally, the Keep Middletown Beautiful organization strives to educate Middletown-area residents on how they can contribute to the cause. Grant programs are administered to help with education and public awareness in the areas of litter prevention, recycling, and waste reduction.

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Anonymous said...

I admire the flowers and landscaping in the medians and at the entrance gates around Middletown. The trees planted along Breiel Blvd. are kept watered and attended during dry weather. They truly do make Middletown a beautiful place to live. We applaud and appreciate your efforts. You make a big difference in our city. Keep up the good work!